Play PROTECT & SERVE Adapted into Film

Back in the fall of 2016 I wrote a play for Chalk Repertory Theatre as part of their semi-annual FLASH Festival. This small play seems so basic, with only two characters having a conversation in real time, in a single location. But in some ways it was the most challenging piece I've written because of the event that inspired it (the shooting death of Tamir Rice) and and the context of my own life at the time. I was barely able to get this piece written at all.

The play was directed by Kate Jopson and featured Jaquita Shashu Aziza Ta'le and Ray Ford. When I saw their work I was stunned. It was so delicate and beautiful. These three theatre artists were heart-and-soul in this piece. Sadly, the festival only ran for a short period of time, only a limited number of people were able to see it.

But.... these amazing people decided to adapt the play into a short film, which has recently been completed and is being submitted to film festivals as we speak. You can see the trailer here, but we can't share the film until some time in the future after the film festival circuit has come and gone.

Kate did an amazing job adapting the play and directing the film. In this short trailer you get a taste of the amazing work these actors can do/have done, not to mention the rest of the crew who helped put the entire project together.