USC School of Dramatic Arts records AFTER ORLANDO plays

From the USC SDA website:

On June 12, 2016, the nation’s deadliest mass shooting committed by a single perpetrator killed 50 patrons, and wounded 53 more, at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Theatre artists, with their historically close alliances with LGBTQ communities, responded by making art in historic fashion. Within weeks, two New York City-based production companies reached out to playwrights across the country to create short plays in response to the shootings. More than 70 playwrights responded, including USC School of Dramatic Arts associate dean Oliver Mayer.

These 70-plus plays, collectively called After Orlando, are being performed across the country and globally this fall. Instead of presenting a single staged reading of the plays, as many theatre companies and universities are doing, USC Dramatic Arts has taken an innovative tack. It used its professional sound studio in the McClintock Building to have first year MFA acting students record a dozen of the plays, which are available to be heard on a podcast through December 11, 2016.