February was The Playwrights Union "New Play Month"

One of the coolest things The Playwrights Union does every year is devote February to writing a new play. What happens is, several members of the group decide to spend the shortest month of the year writing a brand new play from soup-to-nuts. When the month is over, everybody who participated gathers to read each play from beginning to end. This year there were 15 playwrights. That means we read 15 plays over the course of 2 days and 1 night. The reading was as much of a marathon as the writing. Usually when I have a new play to write I spend weeks or months with the idea swimming through my brain as I work on other projects. With the play I wrote in February, I had the idea for only a few days before I started writing. It all poured out quickly. I feel great about this first rough draft, tentatively titled "An Epidemic of Temporary Lunacy," about a brother and sister who want nothing more than to simply live a life free from the anger, fear, and abuse surrounding them. 

The next step for all of us who participated in new play month is to spend the next couple months revising in preparation for a public reading of our plays in May/June. Stay tuned.