Loyola Marymount's HIDDEN HEROES

Each year the Loyola Marymount CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice honor members of the LMU community with the "Hidden Hero" award. Part of the award ceremony is a presentation of dramatized narratives for each award recipient. This year I was asked to interview and awardee and create a dramatized narrative based on his life and experiences. 

This is a fascinating experience not simply as a playwright working in a new form, but as a human learning about the contributions to society made by a person I would never have met otherwise. The awardee I was assigned to write about, Cesare P. R. Romano, has been working to free refugees who should not be incarcerated around the world. He is a remarkable person and most definitely worthy of the award he is going to receive on October 25th. 

I look forward to the public learning more about Cesare's experiences and am proud to be part of this ceremony.