Save Aleppo, Save Humanity

In December 2016 Aleppo was falling. People were sending final messages out through social media thinking it would be their final words. This news inspired me to write something to both mark this time and also keep these events in our consciousness. It took me 30 days to write this play and it was shocking how fast the world changed in that time. Our collective attention became pushed and pulled over here and over there. Aleppo is never in the news anymore because there's no space for it.

I didn't write this play so much as craft it from the actual words of people impacted by the crisis in Syria. I am sending it around to theatre people I know who might be able to do a one night reading of it to raise awareness/money in support of a related charity.

The script is pretty specific about how it is intended to be presented, but that doesn't matter. I would love to simply have people do something, anything, with it so that we don't forget what happened/is happening in Syria. If you or anybody you know might be interested in doing something to raise funds and awareness in support of people in Aleppo, please pass this along to them.

A copy of the script can be found at this link.